Conference Recap: HNMUN 2020

The sixty-sixth session of Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) occurred over the weekend of February 13-16, 2020. The largest conference on the collegiate circuit, HNMUN hosted over 2,000 delegates for a conference of debate and collaboration. This year’s conference was led by Secretary-General Noah Cominsky in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Committee Overview

HNMUN 2020 offered a staggering number of committees, 26 total, which were divided into three categories: The General Assembly, The Economic and Social Council and Regional Bodies, and The Specialized Agencies.

The General Assembly

  • Disarmament and International Security Committee: Foreign Interventions in Civil War
  • Economic and Financial Committee: Banking Policies for Avoiding Global Recessions
  • Legal Committee: Exploring the Rights and Limitations of Digital Citizenship
  • Futuristic General Assembly on Climate Change: The World in 2055: Coping with a Broken Climate
  • World Health Organization: Global Disparities in Health Professional Training
  • World Trade Organization: Combatting Climate Change Through Environmental Subsidies in the World Economy
  • Press Corps

The Economic and Social Council and Regional Bodies

  • Human Rights Council: Rights of Disabled Individuals
  • Commission on the Status of Women: Child Brides
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: Asylum and the Right to Healthcare
  • Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice: Cybersecurity in Political Elections
  • African Union: GMO Food Aid and Cultivation in Africa
  • European Union: EU Defense Integration and the Future of the CFSP
  • League of Arab States: Post-Conflict Restoration of Syria
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization: NATO Burden-Sharing and Collective Defense
  • Non Governmental Organizations Programme

The Specialized Agencies

  • United Nations Security Council: Boko Haram
  • Historical Security Council, 1969: The Conflict in Northern Ireland
  • The Thing, 850
  • The Culper Ring, 1778
  • Republic of Gran Colombia, 1819
  • Council of People’s Commissars, 1918
  • National Assembly of Singapore, 1955
  • The Iranian Revolution, 1978
  • The Advisors to Giuseppe Conte, 2019
  • South Korean Women’s Presidential Advisory Board, 2020


HNMUN 2020 offered a wide variety of socials on each night of the conference for delegates to enjoy. On Thursday night, HNMUN offered both a “Club Night” and a “Model Casino Night.” Friday night was the “International Bazaar & Charity Auction.” Finally, Friday night had the class “Delegate Dance.”


On Sunday, teams were awarded delegation awards as follows:

Best Large Delegation: University of Chicago

Outstanding Large Delegation: Yale University

Best Small Delegation: Boston University

Best International Delegation: MetroMUN – Venezuela 

To learn more about HNMUN 2020, click here to see their conference website. Thank you to the teams and delegates who participated in building this article with their comments and critiques. MUN01 offered the HNMUN Secretariat a chance to comment for the article, but did not receive a response. Congrats to all who competed in or staffed the conference!

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