The Hosts

The MUN01 Blog and Podcast are run by three* collegiate delegates/roommates: Kyla, Casey, and Carol.


Kyla is a Florida native taking on the north east, which means she is cold and depressed most of the year. Furthermore, after a half decent run of the collegiate Model UN circuit, she is a big adult now working in non-profit grant management after graduating with a degree in Diplomacy and International Relations. She has done MUN since she was born (a.k.a high school) and her brother is a gavel. She likes to say yeehaw, do winged eyeliner, participate in Latin American crisis committees, and make utterly tasteless jokes. She also made this website and won’t stop talking about it.


Caroline (Carol) is a (now graduated) delegate from Florida who, despite never technically winning a best del, is more proud of the superlatives she got from her club than any piece of parchment a conference could give her. Her dulcet tones decided to grace the podcast world when she was faced with the reality that her college MUN career was over upon her recently graduating with a degree in Diplomacy and International Relations (now in grad school!). She enjoys reminding people that corn is a viable source of energy, curating her collection of various methods of making coffee and being told multiple times a day to “shut up, Carol” by Kyla.


Casey is a college senior from a multitude of states, which one depends on who is asking. She’s studying entirely too many things (double major in Diplomacy and International Relations and Modern Languages with minors in history and economics). Despite starting Model UN in college she thinks she’s done “pretty ok” with awarding. Fun fact: Even though she is barely 5’2”, she was once told that she scared other delegates in committee and has a mean RBF in every conference photo. Interests include: Model UN.

*Kyle the Intern

Kyla’s boyfriend who provides technical assistance and moral support. He is unpaid but a nice guy.