Conference Recap: NCSC XLVII

Conference General Information

Georgetown University’s National Collegiate Security Conference (NCSC) took place in its 47th iteration. It is one of the oldest, collegiate Model UN conferences in North America. Over October 17-20, 2019 many delegates convened at the DoubleTree by Hilton Crystal City for an exciting weekend of debate and crises. This year’s Secretary-General was junior Science, Technology, and International Affairs major Mark Wilcox.

Attending Delegations

The following delegations notified MUN01 about their attendance at NCSC XLVII. If your delegation attended, please feel free to reach out and we’ll add you to the list!:

  • American University
  • Artvin Coruh University
  • Boston University
  • Cornell University
  • Florida International University
  • George Washington University
  • Tulane University
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Committee Overview

NCSC XLVII provided a staggering 20 committees for delegates to select from, broken down into four “Assemblies and Summits” with 60-120 delegates each following GA procedure, four “Councils and Boards” with 20-25 delegates each following crisis procedure, four “Regionals” with 18-22 delegates each following crisis procedure, four “Cabinets” with 18-22 delegates each following crisis procedure, and four “Joint Crisis” with 16-18 delegates each following crisis procedure. Please note, there were two Joint Crisis topics with two committees each.

The committees were as follows. “Assemblies and Summits”: Socialist International, 1976; UN Conference on Water, 1977; Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review, 1995; Wolesi Jirga, 2006. “Councils and Boards”: Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, 1951; The Little Spy Engine that Could: Cuban Intelligence Directorate, 1969; Reboot 2018: Microsoft Board of Directors; UN Security Council, 2019. “Regionals”: Operation Gladio, 1958; Hidden Powers: Women for Security and Rights in Europe, 1973; Plan Colombia, 1998; 3rd Asian Defence Ministers Meeting Plus, 2015. “Cabinets”: The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary General; Cleaning Up the Dirty War – Argentine Cabinet, 198; Chocolat et Guerre sur la Côte D’Ivoire: Ivorian Cabinet, 2011; The Khan’s Court: Kazakhstani Cabinet, 2019. “Joint Crisis”: JCC The Russian Revolution: White Russia v. Red Russia, 1917; JCC US Presidential Election: Al Gore v. George W. Bush, 2000.

As you can see, there were a lot of diverse and interesting committee topics that should appeal to all delegates and their interests!

Committee Comments

It will always be said, the committee comments section should serve as a balanced critique of the conference. MUN01 recognizes the hardwork and dedication that all Secretariat members put into the weekend. However, MUN01 also believes that delegates should be able to receive honest opinions and conferences gain feedback to grow and improve every year!

Committee Praises

According to one delegate, “in crisis the outroom and speed of staff was phenomenal” and that delegate’s dais was “consistent with their parli pro.” Multiple delegates praise the conference for being extremely well run and a generally good time. When critiques were brought up, delegates generally felt that they were addressed by the end of the conference.

Committee Critiques

One delegate said that there was “obvious pre-writing” and “clause deletion” in their committee. The delegate in the room said that the dais did little to address the issue. Another delegate wished for more consistency in chairing across committees, such as a standardization of being relaxed or strict on parli pro. Another delegate was frustrated that up to four delegates from the same school were in one crisis room. One minor complaint was not being made aware of the location of the social until the day of the event.


The social at NCSC this year was a Saturday club night that ran from 9pm-2am.


As the conference ended on Sunday, it was time for awards!

Delegation Awards were given as follows:

Best Large – University of Chicago

Outstanding Large  – University of Pennsylvania

Best Small – University of California, Berkeley 

Outstanding Small – Boston University

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County team from NCSC! Thanks for sharing the photo with us!

To read more about NCSC XLVII click here to see the conference website. Thank you to the numerous teams and delegates who contributed their thoughts and the awards list to this article. NCSC was extended an opportunity to contribute, but as of publishing has not responded. Congrats to all who competed in or staffed the conference!

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