Coronavirus: What Does It Mean For The MUN Community

Disclaimer: Not a single member of MUN01 is a health professional. You know us. We’ve either just graduated college or we’re still there. And we’re definitely not studying medicine. Please do not take any of this as something other than just our thoughts about Coronavirus and its current and potential impact on the circuit. We are not qualified to make any health-related recommendations, we are only barely qualified to run a Model UN podcast.

As COVID-19/Coronavirus sweeps through the globe, most people are either experiencing or anticipating disruption to everyday life. I know that my mind has been especially focused on how this outbreak will affect the Model UN circuit. Not only are Model UN conferences a large gathering of people, they usually bring together students from all around the country and world. As more schools close, universities go online, and quarantines become more common, many delegates have been concerned about how Model UN will factor into all of this.

Please note that these statistics were collected in a period of 24 hours starting the afternoon of March 10th. Many more cancellations and travel schedule alterations have occurred since this time.

When our Instagram followers were polled, 81% responded that they were concerned that their team’s travel schedule would be affected by the coronavirus. And these worries were substantiated. 47% of responding delegates answered that their travel schedule had already been impacted.

58% of respondents voted that spring conferences should consider delaying or cancelling their conferences due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Notable conferences on the collegiate schedule that have already cancelled or significantly delayed their conferences include WorldMUN Tokyo, PUNC, VICS, and ChoMUN. Delegates can access our full list of cancelled conferences here. The list contains both high school and collegiate conferences around the world. To add a cancelled conference to the list, please email or DM us the information at @mun01podcast on Instagram. 

All of this considered, it should be expected that even more teams and conferences see disruptions or cancellations to their schedule. These questions were asked just as some schools and colleges have closed or restricted schedules which may increase in the coming days and weeks.

Many delegates were concerned with how these cancellations will factor into Best Delegate’s 2019-2020 season rankings. As previously stated, many ranked collegiate conferences have either cancelled or indefinitely delayed this year’s iteration and confusion is resulting in if rankings will occur and how this would impact them. Some delegates assume that the rankings will count the conferences that have occured, but nothing’s for certain as of now. MUN01 has reached out to Best Delegate for a comment and will update this post if more information is received.

In closing, we would like to share a few of our favorite responses to our story asking about additional comments and thoughts:

  • “NYU’s CDC committee gonna be lit if the conferneces [sic] is still on lol”
  • “I swear I’ll die if they cancel punc”
  • “I am honestly prepared for the Coronavirus WHO committees”

We’d like to wish the best to all of our listeners and remind everyone to wash their hands and stay healthy! Check up on your family and friends, be there for each other during this time, and we’ll all get through it together.

Conference Cancellations in the Wake of Coronavirus

The following conferences have either been cancelled or significantly delayed. This information has either been confirmed by Secretariat reportings or delegates reporting cancellations.

The list contains both high school and collegiate conferences around the world. To add a cancelled conference to the list, please email or DM us the information at @mun01podcast on Instagram. 

North American, Collegiate Conferences

  • WorldMUN Tokyo, Harvard University, March 2020, POSTPONED until March 15-19, 2021
  • PUNC, Penn State University, 19-22, 2020, (Tentatively Rescheduling) 
  • VICS, University of Virginia, March 26-29, 2020
  • ChoMUN, University of Chicago, April 9-12, 2020 

North American, High School Conferences

  • IMUN, Indianapolis University – Purdue University Indiana, March 19-20, 2020
  • WUMUN, Winthrop University, March 25-27, 2020
  • Model Arab League, Georgetown University, March 26-29, 2020
  • SHUMUN, Seton Hall University, March 28-29, 2020

European, High School Conferences

  • MUNOB, Mihai Viteazul National College, April 3-7, 2020

Fall 2019 North American Circuit Recap

Mid-Year Rundown

Fall 2019 was a rigorous conference season with periods of time through October having one or more conferences running per weekend. In total, MUN01 recapped eight conferences this season and those will be the conferences reflected in this article. 

For references the conferences were:

  • CMUNNY XIV (9/26/19-9/29/19) 
  • BarMUN XII (10/3/19-10/6/19)
  • NCSC XLVII (10/17/19-10/20/19) 
  • SCSY XLII (10/24/19-10/27/19) 
  • TrojanMUN 2019 (10/24/19-10/27/19) 
  • UPMUNC 53 (10/31/19-11/3/19) 
  • CIAC X (11/7/19-11/10/19)
  • UNCMUNC XI (11/7/19-11/10/19) 

**Please note, some conferences do not appear due to both the conference not reporting and delegates attending not reporting. All conferences listed were reported on in one or both ways.**

As typical, the majority of conferences occurred in the Eastern region, with six of the eight occuring in Washington D.C. or north. TrojanMUN was the only conference in the West to be recapped and UNCMUNC was the only conference from the South. This demonstrates the North American circuits high concentration in the Northeast and may pose difficulties for teams in different regions financially and logistically to reach.

As mentioned, from CMUNNY (starting 9/26) to the weekend of CIAC and UNCMUNC (ending 11/10) there was only one weekend without at least one conference. This weekend occurred over 10/12 and 10/13. There were even several weekends where two conferences occurred at the same time, for example SCSY and TrojanMUN from 10/24-10/27. Some teams, like Columbia University for the aforementioned weekend, sent delegations to each conference. Perhaps the number of teams sending multiple delegations in the same weekend will increase in the coming seasons.  

Polling on the @mun01podcast Instagram found these conferences to be the favorites the Fall 2019 season: UPMUNC, NCSC, SCSY, CIAC, and CMUNNY. However, it should be noted that not all delegates can attend every conference of the season to effectively rank each one on enjoyability!

Delegates were also given the opportunity to shoutout their favorite committee of the Fall 2019. Some of the committees shouted out for the aforementioned conferences were: 40 Elephants at UPMUNC, Fall of the Berlin Wall at CMUNNY, and DISEC at UPMUNC.

From these eight conferences, 32 delegation awards were given out to 20 different teams. The team to win the most delegation awards from the recorded conferences was University of Chicago with four delegation awards, conferences specified below. Two teams brought home three delegation awards this semester which were American University and University of Pennsylvania

One thing to note is that there is no official count on how many teams compete on the North American collegiate circuit of this style of Crisis and GA. However, there are many teams on the circuit with some conferences receiving over 40 unique delegations. In the future, MUN01 hopes to receive full delegation lists from every conference to try and calculate this number.

Delegation Award Winners Fall 2019

Please note, MUN01 does not “rank” or “weight” certain conferences. All conferences that received recaps in Fall 2019 are seen as equal in this analysis and schools are listed in alphabetical order. MUN01 included delegation awards from North American collegiate conferences that reported their delegation awards or from delegates on the circuit who reported the winners themselves. 

American University

BarMUN Best Small Delegation

CMUNNY Best Small Delegation

UPMUNC Outstanding Large Delegation

Boston University

NCSC Outstanding Small Delegation

Claremont McKenna College

TrojanMUN Best Large Delegation

UPMUNC Best Small Delegation

College of William & Mary 

UNCMUNC Outstanding Small Delegation

Colgate University 

CIAC Outstanding Small Delegation

Columbia University

TrojanMUN Outstanding Small Delegation

CIAC Outstanding Large Delegation

Emory University

UNCMUNC Outstanding Large Delegation

Florida International University

BarMUN Outstanding Large Delegation

Georgetown University

CMUNNY Outstanding Large Delegation

CIAC Best Small Delegation

The George Washington University

BarMUN Outstanding Small Delegation

UNCMUNC Outstanding Small Delegation

McGill University

SCSY Best Small Delegation

Princeton University

SCSY Outstanding Small Delegation

Seton Hall University

CIAC Best Large Delegation

United States Military Academy, West Point

SCSY Outstanding Large Delegation

University of California, Berkeley

NCSC Best Small Delegation

TrojanMUN Outstanding Large Delegation

University of California, Santa Barbara

TrojanMUN Best Small Delegation

University of Chicago

BarMUN Best Large Delegation

CMUNNY Outstanding Small Delegation

NCSC Best Large Delegation

UPMUNC Best Large Delegation

University of Pennsylvania

CMUNNY Best Large Delegation

NCSC Outstanding Large Delegation

SCSY Best Large Delegation

University of Virginia

UNCMUNC Best Large Delegation

Yale University

UPMUNC Outstanding Small Delegation

Team Memories in Fall 2019

Delegates were also polled on the Instagram regarding their favorite team memories. From the responses recieved on the Instagram, “team” is an extremely important concept on the circuit. Memories included teammates cheering on award winners during closing ceremonies, big delegation wins, and bonding at conference socials. 

Trends on the Circuit

One major trend on the circuit this year was Fyre Festival committees. Multiple conferences this year held committees on that topic and preliminary searches on Spring 2020 conferences show that this trend will continue into the next season. There also seemed to be a growth in fantasy or sci-fi committees. Some conferences had significantly increased the amount of this type of committee from one or two in seasons past to three or four this season. MUN01 will continue to see if this trend continues into the Spring 2020 season. 

Another trend was the repetitiveness of some committee subjects with committees on Cold War, Peloponnesian War, and the aforementioned Fyre Festival appearing multiple times over Spring 2019 to Fall 2019. It is interesting how certain topics repeat with striking similarities to prior conferences. That being said, conferences often have to strike a balance between having unique, accessible, and interesting committees and it is certain that there will continue to be overlap in committee topics going into Spring 2020 and beyond.

Through our Instagram polling, delegates indicated that another strong sentiment on the circuit remains in goal of attaining the elusive Best Delegate, or gavel, award. Many top memories of Fall 2019 were winning first time gavels or gavels at particular conferences. Many other delegates in their hopes for Spring 2020 listed awarding or gaveling as their top priority.

Looking Ahead to Spring 2020

As mentioned, delegates want to keep awarding, bettering themselves, and reaching new heights in the coming season. Delegates also were polled on the conferences they were most excited for next season. The conferences on the North American collegiate circuit that are most looked forward to are: McMUN, MUNE, VICS, NYUMUN, PUNC, and UTMUN.

Delegates, get ready for an exciting Spring 2020 season and keep an eye out for our conference recaps!

MUN01: A Year In Review

Happy New Year!

Please enjoy a recap on MUN01’s 2019 as we ring in the new decade. We’d like to thank everybody who has helped us grow and who has supported us whether it was from the beginning or just starting today!

Why We Started the Podcast:

We began MUN01 in early April of 2019 after one of our typical long, Model UN-related chats around our kitchen table. Most days, after getting back from a MUN meeting or training we would continue to talk about the topic for hours. Some days we’d pick apart and analyze how we performed in training, what our arcs were, how we wrote directives. Sometimes we’d talk about upcoming conferences and ideas. Other days we’d just talk about the circuit as a whole and our thoughts on rankings and conferences and how the whole system worked.

Something clicked at 12am that day when we decided to do the podcast. We realized that other people might want to listen in on these chats and might want to connect with others who felt the same way. That’s why we created MUN01, to create a dialogue about Model UN, a community, a place for all fellow MUN fanatics could share stories and talk frankly about the MUN circuit of today.

Podcast Stats:

36 full length episodes

Over 3,000 downloads (per Podomatic)

Over 3,000 streams (per Spotify)

Top episodes downloaded:

  1. Episode #34 – The Common Conference Cold
  2. Episode #1 – MUNtroductions
  3. Episode #2 – In Case You Were MUNdering
  4. Episode #22 – Delegates Just Wanna Have MUN: Socials
  5. Episode #27 – The Circuit: BarMUN XII Recap

Let us know what your favorite episode of the year was in our Instagram DMs @mun01podcast

Top 10 countries downloading:

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. India
  5. Indonesia
  6. Spain
  7. Egypt
  8. Germany
  9. Switzerland
  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Instagram Stats:

Top Countries:

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Turkey
  4. Colombia
  5. Canada

Top Cities:

  1. Istanbul
  2. New York
  3. Bogota
  4. Washington D.C.
  5. South Orange

And now, a statement from each of us:

Kyla –

Firstly, I just want to say thank you to people for caring about what we do. We really had no idea if any of this would work when we started. We were (and still are, really) just a bunch of MUN girls who wanted to share our passion with people. The MUN world deserves to be shared with people and the more voices we have discussing it the better. Every single comment, DM, guest article, etc. is so valuable to us. We started this project at one of the most tumultuous times in our lives and it has been so much work, but y’all have made it so worth it. Stay tuned in 2020, xoxo. 

Casey –

It’s really been crazy how much the podcast has taken off! I’m so excited to be a part of a platform that I had wanted to see on the circuit for so long. Every time we get a nice DM or comment we have more and more confidence in the content we are producing. We’ve been so happy to see the positive response from the MUN community! I just wanted to personally thank everyone who’s helped us out through nice messages, helpful content for website and recap posts, as well as those who support through listening and promoting our content! Thanks for a great 2019! 

Carol – 

To be honest, when we started the podcast I thought we’d get a couple dozen listeners and it would just be the three of us chatting around a mic once a week. I don’t think any of us expected it to get as (relatively) big as it’s gotten. There were many meetings around our dinner table and on the couch about what to do for articles, which memes to post, and what topic we were gonna record. For me, everything is worth it when I see a DM or email come in from one of y’all saying how much you liked a certain episode and giving us ideas for future topics. It really makes our day and helps us when we’ve no idea what to record sometimes. Thank you, as always, for listening, supporting our little passion project, and telling us your stories! Here’s to many more hot topics, opinions, and very bad jokes from us in 2020.

Vision statement:

Heading into 2020 we are excited to keep producing great MUN content that is helpful and insightful. In the coming year we hope we can build upon opinion episodes like the WoMUN in MUN episode and the Conference Rankings episode. We also hope to bring even more training content to you through episodes as well as creating more content for our Training Materials website section. We look forward to continuing to incorporate delegates into our content with guest articles, and hope to find more ways to showcase delegates and teams. We would love to hear from you about what you would like to see from us, please feel free to email or DM!

We hope that you’ll all stick with us through 2020 and invite your friends and teammates along for the journey!

Help Wanted: Conference Recaps

Are you a North American collegiate delegate? Are you on the Secretariat or Staff for a North American collegiate conference? We need your help!

It is our goal this season to write a conference recap for every North American collegiate conference that we can get data on to help provide delegates with a way to choose conferences in the future. This is also an opportunity to share what you’ve been up to at conference with family and friends! However, we can only really do this with YOUR participation.

Below are a list of the conferences we plan on covering through Fall 2019. An updated Spring 2020 will be published once more conference have published conference dates. If you do not see a conference listed that you are attending or hosting this fall, please email us at or DM us @mun01podcast on Instagram to get the conference added.

Expected Conference Coverage Articles for Fall 2019:

  • CMUNNY XIV at Columbia University (9/26/19-9/29/19)
  • BARMUN XII at Boston University (10/3/19-10/6/19)
  • NCSC XLVII at Georgetown University (10/17/19-10/20/19)
  • SCSY XLII at Yale University (10/24/19-10/27/19)
  • TrojanMUN 2019 at University of Southern California (10/24/19-10/27/19)
  • UPMUNC 53 at University of Pennsylvania (10/31/19-11/3/19)
  • DISCon 2019 at Duke University (11/1/19-11/3/19) 
  • CIAC X at Cornell University (11/7/19-11/10/19)
  • QMUNi 2019 at Queen’s University (11/14/19-11/17/19)

Being a “Conference Reporter” requires very little effort! We promise! All you have to do is DM us or email us which conference(s) you are attending and let us know your thoughts from the weekend. We will typically publish conference reviews the Friday after the conference. (For example, the CMUNNY review will be published on 10/4.) Please have your thoughts to us ASAP! Use this format below to guide you:

  • What committee were you in? Which position did you have? Did you award?
  • Did conference weekend run smoothly? Was your chair effective? Did crisis run well?
  • Did you enjoy the socials/which did you attend?
  • Favorite parts of the weekend/anecdotes and stories!
    • You can tell us about something crazy that happened in your room or anything else you think would be fun to share with the MUN world!

Please note, if you share your thoughts from the conference weekend we will default to publishing your first name with your quote unless you ask otherwise. You can choose to include up to your full name and school or leave an anonymous response.

If you are on Secretariat/Staff for a conference it’s also pretty low effort! Just like a Conference Reporter, all you have to do is DM us or email us in advance to let us know you would like to participate. We will typically publish conference reviews the Friday after the conference. (For example, the CMUNNY review will be published on 10/4.) Please have your responses to us ASAP! Here are some things we look for from conferences:

  • A quote from the Secretary General or another member of the Secretariat or Staff
  • The number of delegates attending and the names of the delegations 
  • Awards breakdown
    • Who got the delegation awards?
    • What committee awards went to which schools?
  • Any photos or extra comments! (Not necessary but appreciated!)

Participating in the article as a conference organizer is a great way to demonstrate your conference’s commitment to sharing news with and participating in the MUN community. In return the delegates who competed get to share the article about your conference with friends and family and delegates who didn’t attend may be interested and come next year! Free publicity!

How to Dress Business Professional

The phrase “business professional dress” or “Western business professional” is one of those things that so incredibly subjective that it pretty much means nothing. That being said, here are some rules that we tend to follow when we hear this.

Before we get into this, a little note. We are big feminists. Wear whatever you want in life if it makes you feel good. That being said, there are certain things that are/aren’t appropriate in certain situations, as deemed so by society (not us). People will also 100% judge you for what you wear, as much as we wish they wouldn’t. This is sadly the world we live in. This is just us telling you (with a lot of love) what we tend to see on the circuit as far as dress code goes.

A few general rules for everyone in Western business dress:

  • Take out the tacking stitch in your jacket. For the love of everything, please do this. It is Carol’s number one pet peeve. This is a tacking stitch if you are confused. (Source)
  • Tuck in your shirt unless debate is so heated that you’re sweaty and need to cool down.
  • Please wear socks if your shoes warrant them.
  • No sneakers.
  • No T-shirts.
  • No jeans (unless its Sunday business casual, but that’s a whole other topic).

A few general rules for the ladies in Western business dress:

  • Knee-length (or at least almost knee-length) skirts or dresses.
  • Slacks that aren’t aggressively tight like leggings.
  • A generally modest shirt that isn’t too low-cut.
  • No spaghetti strap shirts without a jacket over them.
  • Optional blazer.
  • No t-shirts.
  • Closed-toe shoes – This is a huge point of contention between the three of us. We love a good, classy, strappy sandal with a sensible heel, and Kyla loves her peep-toe shoes. But for some reason closed-toe shoes are the norm.
  • Heels of a sensible height with no aggressive platforms.
  • No fishnets (you’d think we wouldn’t have to say this but we’ve seen some stuff).

A few general rules for the gentlemen in Western business dress:

  • A good suit is a good thing and you should have one.
  • Tuck in your shirt.
  • Wear either suspenders or a belt. Not both.
  • Undershirts help with sweat.
  • Match your shoes with your belt.
  • Probably learn how to tie a tie.
  • If you’re wearing a tie, make sure it’s not too long or too short. (Source)
    Related image

With these guidelines, you should easily be able to stay within the reasonable bounds of committee appropriate dress. Being appropriate doesn’t mean you can’t still look fly as hell. Maybe we will do a follow up article on our favorite conference outfits… food for thought. Regardless, if you have any really good conference looks, DM them to us @mun01podcast on Insta for a potential feature!

As always, email us at with any questions, comments, or concerns!