Conference Recap: TrojanMUN 2019

On the weekend of October 24-27, the University of Southern California hosted their annual TrojanMUN conference. Their largest yet, the conference boasted 351 delegates from 25 delegations in attendance. Led by Secretary General Rahul Francis, staff achieved an exciting weekend of MUN at the DoubleTree Hilton in Downtown Los Angeles.

Committee Overview

TrojanMUN covered a wide array of topics within their 12 committees. Of those twelve , two were General Assembly, three were Specialized Bodies, and seven Crisis, including one Ad-Hoc.The topics were as follows:

  • GAs
    • African Union
    • DISEC
  • Specialized
    • UN Security Council, 1993
    • Puerto Rican Government, 2017
    • Democratic National Committee, 2020
  • Crisis
    • Beneath The Mean Streets: Prohibition, 1923
    • Don’t Burst My Bubble: Dot-Com Crash, 1997
    • Vive La Republique: French Cabinet, 2019
    • M.I.C.R.O., 2056
    • JCC: French and Indian War, 1754
  • Ad-Hoc
    • Lost Underworld of Shanghai, 1931

We appreciate the diversity of committee type and committee topic available at TrojanMUN. This sort of structure allows for any delegate to be able to find a committee that suits them. Position assignments were sent out 3 months in advance and background guides were made available 7 weeks before the conference, giving delegates and teams ample time to prepare for a competitive weekend. The conference placed significance on delegate experience and efficiency, boasting a 3:1 delegate to staff ratio and receiving nearly zero complaints from delegates about note turnaround in feedback, according to the Secretary General Rahul. 

Committee Comments

Unfortunately, MUN01 did not receive any delegate feedback from attendees of TrojanMUN. We have the most experience and connections with the east coast circuit, but want to become involved in the west coast as well. If you are a west coast delegate or team, please reach out! We would love to hear your thoughts on TrojanMUN and beyond and will happily edit this article to reflect any new information you give.


TrojanMUN hosted three socials over the span of the weekend, each looking more fun than the last. Thursday night there was a head delegate wine and charcuterie social at the Secretariat Suite at the conference hotel. Friday was a cocktail night at the hotel restaurant and bar with happy hour pricing on drinks and food. Saturday was the Halloween Soiree, with costumes recommended. The soiree was at a private venue in downtown LA with an open bar for 21+ delegates with a wristband.


And on Sunday starting at 10:30am, awards were announced!

  • Delegation awards
    • Best Large Delegation: Claremont McKenna College
    • Outstanding Large Delegation: University of California, Berkeley
    • Best Small Delegation: University of California, Santa Barbara
    • Outstanding Small Delegation: Columbia University

Secretariat Comments

Secretary General Rahul Francis provided the following quote:

“This was the largest TrojanMUN in four years, allowing us to not only bring back our staple West Coast attendees, but also see newcomers from the Midwest and East Coast. TrojanMUN’s innovative crisis committees spanned from the JCC: French & Indian War committee set in 1776 to our M.I.C.R.O. committee on cybernetics and augmented reality. We also expanded our GA and Specialized committees to cater to  a wider demographic, ranging from traditional committees such as DISEC to a simulation of the Democratic National Committee looking forward to 2020. Last but certainly not least, we raised nearly $1,500 for our conference cause, Children of Vietnam, through candygram sales as well as in-committee fundraising by our staff who created exciting incentives. A special shout-out to our capable and caring Secretariat, as well as my fellow conference executives, Nayanika and Ruby. I look forward to continuing to see delegates from TrojanMUN around the circuit this upcoming year, and wish the best of luck to our future Secretariat in planning TrojanMUN 2020!”

Check out this recap video created by the secretariat for an even better look at TrojanMUN2019!

To read more about TrojanMUN 2019 click here. Thank you to the secretariat for all of the information that they provided. Congrats to all who competed in or staffed the conference!

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