Help Wanted: Conference Recaps

Are you a North American collegiate delegate? Are you on the Secretariat or Staff for a North American collegiate conference? We need your help!

It is our goal this season to write a conference recap for every North American collegiate conference that we can get data on to help provide delegates with a way to choose conferences in the future. This is also an opportunity to share what you’ve been up to at conference with family and friends! However, we can only really do this with YOUR participation.

Below are a list of the conferences we plan on covering through Fall 2019. An updated Spring 2020 will be published once more conference have published conference dates. If you do not see a conference listed that you are attending or hosting this fall, please email us at or DM us @mun01podcast on Instagram to get the conference added.

Expected Conference Coverage Articles for Fall 2019:

  • CMUNNY XIV at Columbia University (9/26/19-9/29/19)
  • BARMUN XII at Boston University (10/3/19-10/6/19)
  • NCSC XLVII at Georgetown University (10/17/19-10/20/19)
  • SCSY XLII at Yale University (10/24/19-10/27/19)
  • TrojanMUN 2019 at University of Southern California (10/24/19-10/27/19)
  • UPMUNC 53 at University of Pennsylvania (10/31/19-11/3/19)
  • DISCon 2019 at Duke University (11/1/19-11/3/19) 
  • CIAC X at Cornell University (11/7/19-11/10/19)
  • QMUNi 2019 at Queen’s University (11/14/19-11/17/19)

Being a “Conference Reporter” requires very little effort! We promise! All you have to do is DM us or email us which conference(s) you are attending and let us know your thoughts from the weekend. We will typically publish conference reviews the Friday after the conference. (For example, the CMUNNY review will be published on 10/4.) Please have your thoughts to us ASAP! Use this format below to guide you:

  • What committee were you in? Which position did you have? Did you award?
  • Did conference weekend run smoothly? Was your chair effective? Did crisis run well?
  • Did you enjoy the socials/which did you attend?
  • Favorite parts of the weekend/anecdotes and stories!
    • You can tell us about something crazy that happened in your room or anything else you think would be fun to share with the MUN world!

Please note, if you share your thoughts from the conference weekend we will default to publishing your first name with your quote unless you ask otherwise. You can choose to include up to your full name and school or leave an anonymous response.

If you are on Secretariat/Staff for a conference it’s also pretty low effort! Just like a Conference Reporter, all you have to do is DM us or email us in advance to let us know you would like to participate. We will typically publish conference reviews the Friday after the conference. (For example, the CMUNNY review will be published on 10/4.) Please have your responses to us ASAP! Here are some things we look for from conferences:

  • A quote from the Secretary General or another member of the Secretariat or Staff
  • The number of delegates attending and the names of the delegations 
  • Awards breakdown
    • Who got the delegation awards?
    • What committee awards went to which schools?
  • Any photos or extra comments! (Not necessary but appreciated!)

Participating in the article as a conference organizer is a great way to demonstrate your conference’s commitment to sharing news with and participating in the MUN community. In return the delegates who competed get to share the article about your conference with friends and family and delegates who didn’t attend may be interested and come next year! Free publicity!

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