MUN01 Guest Writers Wanted

Do you enjoy MUN01’s content and want to be a part of the ~magic~? We are currently looking for current and former MUN delegates to write articles about their MUN experience. MUN01 wants the story of what being a MUN delegate is really like. 

We want your unique perspectives. Are you an international delegate? A high school delegate? A collegiate delegate? A middle school delegate? A former MUN delegate now using their skills in the real world? We want your input!

Pitch us an article and we’ll let you know if you are selected to guest write. We’re looking for stories unique to YOU and YOUR experiences. Tell us anything ranging from what MUN is like in your part of the world, challenges you face running your club and how you’ve risen above them, or any story that shows how your MUN experience has been original. 

Moral of the story: Be different, we want the real story of what MUN is like today.

Please note, we are looking for stories about your MUN experience, why you joined, what the experience has brought to you, favorite moments, difficulties you’ve faced in MUN, etc. Don’t feel like you shouldn’t apply if you don’t have a lot of shiny awards. MUN is more than that. 

Apply here:

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